New Pornhub Study Shows What We Search For Most On Thanksgiving And Why Are We All So Weird?

by 3 years ago
thanksgiving pornhub study


You think just because it’s Thanksgiving people stop looking at porn? No chance of that happening. So as they have done with Halloween, Easter and pretty much every other major holiday, Pornhub Insights has just released a study on Thanksgiving.

Here is some of what they discovered…

Amazingly, despite what I said above, there is actually a drop-off in the number of people consuming porn on Thanksgiving. Perhaps it’s because we’re too busy consuming large quantities of food and watching football.

Whatever the reason, the states of New Hampshire and Kentucky swear off their adult films more than any other. And it’s not really even close when it comes to the top spot. What’s going on up in New Hampshire that’s so special they can’t find time to do a little adult-themed Web-browsing?

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