Pornhub Breaks Down The Fascinating Porn Viewing Habits Of Apple Vs. Android Users

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With the launch of the new iPhone 6s the folks over at Pornhub are back with another fascinating study.

This time they’re taking a look at the user habits of Apple aficionados vs. Android loyalists.

The first thing they found out was that a huge number of you are accessing porn on your phones and tablets as compared to just a few years ago. Just five years ago only 12% of their users were watching porn on these devices, whereas now the number is well over 60%. Think about that the next time you ask to borrow someone’s cell phone.

As for which operating system people are using the most to watch porn it’s pretty evenly split with 46% coming from iOS and 48% from Android.

Android users spend more time on average per visit and also view more pages that Apple users.

All good and interesting, but here comes the fun stuff…

Which categories are being viewed more often by each user base when compared to one another?

pornhub apple android categories

Pornhub Insights

Looks like iOS users like their videos to feature more mature women who like get a little freaky.

As for the search terms used most often by each operating system there are some definite trends worth noticing…

pornhub apple android terms searched

Pornhub Insights

Notice how iOS users keep their searches to one or two words, while Android users like to get much more specific with longer search strings.

As for the most popular search terms by each system, they have at least one thing in common…

pornhub apple android most popular search terms

Pornhub Insights

And here’s the most important one in my book, which porn star are they searching for the most…

pornhub apple android most popular porn stars

Pornhub Insights

Lisa Ann, Mia Khalifa and Kim Kardashian still reign supreme regardless of which phone or tablet you use.

But there’s so much more. Pornhub also covers users by country, by state, worldwide, gender, age, and more.

Check out the entire study with several more fascinating graphs and charts over at Pornhub Insights.

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