Crazy Chick Uses A Porn Star To Try And Get Her Man To Cheat And The Entire Thing Blows Up In Her Face

by 2 years ago

Ladies, if you think your man is cheating on you and you’re not okay with that just break it off. The options are either 1) he is cheating on you or 2) you think he’s cheating on you and won’t be convinced otherwise. What you DEFINITELY SHOULD NOT do is what this chick above did, hire a porn star to try and seduce her boyfriend.

From this girl’s perspective, she must have really thought her boyfriend was sleeping around because enlisting the help of a porn star to try and have sex with your boyfriend is about as extreme as you can go in an attempt to find out the truth. It’s also likely to blow the fuck up in her face, which it does, because no guy wants to know that he’s dating some chick who is so crazy and insecure that she’s willing to pay a sex professional to try and seduce him…and on top of EVERYTHING they then put it on YouTube and the entire ordeal has over a million views.

She 100% deserved to get dumped in this situation, and for putting this on the Internet in an attempt to shame her ex-boyfriend (who was faithful) for cheating I’d say that she got everything she deserved from this entire ordeal, agreed?

They’ve got some hot takes on this porn star seduction prank over on The Lad Bible, so I suggest clicking on over to check out their take!

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