Prankster Thinks Pretending To Shit On A Lamborghini Would Be Hilarious, Gets Tasered By Car’s Owner



It has become my modus operandi to only post prank videos when something horrible happens to the person pulling the “prank.” If you can even call what these “pranksters” do most of the time pranks. I suppose if talking to a girl while simultaneously getting a boner is considered a prank, anything is.

Either way, the mass production of these so-called prank videos has sucked all the joy out of them for me; I can only laugh if the prankster is meeting his own demise by way of violence. It’s an evolution similar to porn, once I realized the person doing the prank could get critically injured (See: free, all-you-can-jack porn sites), I am not even aroused by the joke he was trying to pull (See: still images in print magazines like Playboy, Hustler, etc). It’s the perfect analogy. Don’t even try to contest it.

Anyway, this idiot today thinks pranking a guy who owns a Lamborghini by taking a fake shit on it is hilarious. For whatever reason, the owner of the car is carrying a taser with him and lights the dude up like a Christmas tree.

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