So President Obama Just Did a Reddit AMA, and Here Are the Highlights

by 8 years ago

Of course, as soon as everyone on the Internet got wind of the AMA, Reddit's servers crashed. They're back up now, though, and we've saved a few highlights from the brief Q&A, which was surely one of the weirdest interactions between technology and political power since Teddy Roosevelt murdered a pride of lions in 1903.

He introduced himself as just “barack.” 

He received this greeting.

He said he was committed to Internet freedom and net neutrality, then received this gem of a response.

He unfortunately didn't answer this highly rated comment.

Or this one (unsurprisingly drug questions made up a ton of the comments, and Obama steered clear of all of them).

He leaked that the recipe for the White House's craft beer will be out soon (we'll need to get a sample).

And this is how he signed off.

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