This is Not What You Want an X-Ray of Your Neck to Look Like

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“He was that close to dying. And you can see how far it went through his neck,” said Nicole Beauvais, wife. “The shank missed his spinal cord by half a centimeter.”

The Department of Correction says the incident that sent seven officers to the hospital is still under investigation.

But this isn't the first time Nicole Beauvais’ husband has been injured during his four years at the maximum security prison.

“He had been assaulted before a year ago. But it was a black eye and a broken nose. That’s what I was expecting to see again. To find out he had been stabbed, it was overwhelming,” Nicole Beauvais said.

Jeez. This guy must really love his job.

Beauvais is somehow taking the incident in stride, choosing to see it as a new lease on life instead of being angry. He is a much better person than I am. And far, far luckier.

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