Watching This Proposal Video Will Make You Want To Vomit, Die, Run Away And Hide, Exterminate The Human Race, Etc.

by 2 years ago

You know you’re a self-indulgent fuckwad when you make your own proposal video, but adding a fucking background track and flying a drone overhead for multiple angles? Holy shit get a life you losers. Do you not have anything else to do with your time? Do you not have jobs? Families? Friends who are honest enough to tell you that you look like a sad sack of dicks staying up for hours on end editing together a fucking proposal video? I couldn’t even make it to the end – the solid 30 second-long close-up of the chick just going “Eeee ohmygod eeeeee SNIFF SNIFF eeeeee!” is where I hit my limit.

Besides, these people are outside – where are the bears? The cougars? The venomous rattlesnakes trained to attack humans on sight? This video needs more of those and less “Eeeeee oh my god eeeeee.” As of right now I give it a 0/10, but add in the man-eating animals and some blood-filled carnage and I’m willing to bump it up to a 2/10.

Yes, only a 2/10. This video is so fucking stupid not even a few Hollywood action sequences could save it.

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