Protestor Explains Why Fast Food Workers Deserve To Get Paid More Than EMTs And It’s Laughable

Fast food nation is revolting in Detroit. They’re pissed off about making poor hourly wages and want an increase from $8.15 to $15 an hour. Yes. They want $15 an hour to get your drive-thru order wrong.

A Fox 2 news reporter told one of the protestors that paramedics don’t even make $15 an hour and asked, simply, do you think you deserve to make more than a paramedic?

“Because we do too much,” she replied. “We do more than we get paid.”

I’m sure the protestors are unpaid. Frankly, most of the world is underpaid, but to think working in a fast food joint it equal to SAVING LIVES well then you’ve got a fucking screw loose or you make one damn delicious chicken sandwich.

[via The Blaze]

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