I Dare You Find a Better Public Transportation Dance Video Than Atlanta’s ‘MARTA Safety Slide’

by 6 years ago

In the past, Atlanta's massive transportation system has been the butt of much insenstive nicknaming. Now, it's complete with a “safety shuffle,” with a bit of cheering help from everyone's favorite ATL sports team, the WNBA's Atlanta Dream. 

As clearly relevant news, my roommate went on a date a few weeks ago. It did not go well, and one of the things he cited regarding said shittiness was that the girl listed the Atlanta–I shit you not–as one of the top three places she HAD to visit before she died. After you let that sink in for a moment, keep reading this sentence, and continue thinking about the fact that this was a thing that was actually said. It goes without saying that I wholeheartedly agreed my roommate, and was pretty shocked that he didn't get up and walk out right then and there. 

Now though? Time to eat our words.

(not really)

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