Bro Films Himself Doing Pull-Ups At Home, Maybe Breaks His Tailbone, Definitely Looks Like An Idiot


Twitter / Blake Miller

There’s DEFINITELY a correlation between people filming themselves working out at home and hurting themselves, right? I’m not saying these people are doing it in order to fake viral videos, but I think there’s some ‘instant karma’ element attached to the vanity of wanting to film yourself get your pump on at home and put it on the Internet for all the world to see. When you do that the world slaps back at you, it reminds you that nobody gives a crap about you doing push-ups at home. Those push-ups are for you, not YouTube. Nobody cares about you getting your pump on, we all get our pump on.


Sadly, the man in the video above actually knows the aforementioend logic to be true: that if you film yourself working out the world is going to smite you. He first put the video up on Twitter with the caption: “I guess i deserved this for filming myself #bustedmyass”, and then released this footage unto the world so we could all laugh at his (possibly) broken tailbone. Let this be a lesson to all the people out there filming themselves get their swell on…Or not, actually…now that I think about it I want you all to keep filming this videos of you hurting yourselves so I can keep blogging about them…Yah, do that.

[via @JukinVideo]