Bro Puts A Stink Bomb In His Girlfriend’s Car And I’m Pretty Sure She’s Gonna Kill Him Now

Love these videos where a dude plays a prank on his girlfriend. Like that Bro who stuffed baby powder into his girl’s hairdryer. There’s no way those two are still together after that debacle. 99% of the time the girl doesn’t laugh at all and the guy can hardly contain himself. That’s love right there.

This dude had the balls to put a stink bomb in his girlfriend’s car. She keels over and starts to gag coughing from the smell. Have to imagine it lingered in the car for a couple days afterwards too, kinda like how farts marinate into the upholstery when you go on a long road trip with a car full of dudes and stop to eat fast food a lot.

Steam clean then Lysol for days is your only chance now, girl.

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