Some Twisted Pyro Genius Created A Fire Tornado Using A Bunch Of Fans

Playing with fire is awesome, though ill-advised. Back in the day, my high school buddies and I would build these huge bon fires on Friday and Saturday nights. Our favorite past time was buying as many cheap candles as we could and melt them into an empty coffee tin in the fire. Then we’d spit into the can, which causes a HUGE fireball to explode when the boiling hot wax interacts with the flames.

Many, many eyebrows were singed in the process. Occasionally, a shirt or hat would catch fire, but it’s nothing a little good, old-fashion stop-drop-and-roll couldn’t stop.

What I’m trying to say here is this: The man who made this fire tornado out of fans is just a dude fascinated by fire, as all homo sapiens have been since we stopped living in trees and started living in caves.

I wonder if he takes this trick to Burning Man but instead of electric fans uses fans powered by hipsters on bikes? Free ideas, Bro. Free ideas.

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