Racecar Drives Through the Lincoln Tunnel at a Very Casual 190 MPH

by 7 years ago

Motoring his 900 horse-powered vehicle under the Hudson River, former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard raced from New Jersey to Manhattan and completed a journey that would take three minutes at the legal speed limit if there was zero traffic – which is rare.

The 1.5 mile long Lincoln Tunnel, which carries 120,000 cars a day, was closed in the early hours of Wednesday morning to allow Coulthard and the British-based Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team to play out every New Yorker's fantasy.

The trip from New York to New Jersey took all of 30 seconds, making it likely the fastest commute that, if attempted by anyone else, would result in sure death. No word on whether or not the driver had to pay that steep $12 toll. 

There are a few major takeaways here. One, don't ever drive into New York City, because there are about three worse things that exist in the first world, and all of them are STDs. Two, this Red Bull racecar is really packing some heat. First the national anthem, now this. I guess you really can do anything in NYC. 

[H/T: Daily Mail]

PS Red Bull and Formula One are doing all this publicity sh*t to hype up a big Grand Prix event in New Jersey. Which also happens to be in New Jersey. 

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