This Is Probably The Most Ratchet Girl Fight You Will See Today

girl fight


I say “probably” because, well, this is the Internet and the day isn’t over yet.

A day really isn’t complete without watching at least one ratchet girl fight my mom always told me.

And while most girl fights look pretty much the same, this one stood out for me due to the way the blonde absolutely RIPS the other girl who poured water on her head RIGHT OFF the bleachers and then proceeds to kick the ever-living shit out of her. Literally, she kicked her with her foot. Several times in fact. Solid form.

The water-pourer did manage to hop up and made a nice grab for the hair though before wiser heads prevailed and pulled them apart. But not before cheering and taking this video of course. Way to act quickly, folks.

Ah, now my day is complete. Thanks, mom.