Rarely Seen Goblin Shark Caught Off Florida Coast Is the Stuff of Nightmares

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Psst. Hey, Goblin Shark, I think you’ve got the gum disease known as GINGIVITIS.

Georgia shrimp captain, Carl Moore, was doing his shrimp thing 10 miles off the coast of Florida when he had the great misfortune of catching a Goblin Shark.(Which can be seen above and below. Soak it in. Don’t want any of you to leave here hungry.)

According to NBC:

Goblin sharks have been found in the Pacific, off the coasts of Japan and California, and in ocean depths of up to 5,000 feet. The latest sighting has surprised researchers.

“This is a very rare finding,” John Karlson, a research biologist at NOAA, told NBC News on Saturday. “We don’t know very much about these animals.”

Karlson said they can range up to 10 to 13 feet, although Moore’s goblin shark was around 18 feet.


Want to see it again? Oh yeah, you do!

Jesus Christ. It. Is. So. Ugly.

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