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This is our awesome hand made trophy. It consists of 200 cans of chew, a shit load of super glue and a trophy man screwed on top. We go to [redacted] college and we are the mens lacrosse team. Every year over spring break there is some kind of activity in which the lacrosse team participates. Last year (my freshman year) there was a “scavenger hunt” basically who ever could do the most stupid stuff won. Someone ate a full toe nail, I ate 76 chicken nuggets (which is the reigning record, and is A LOT harder than it sounds) so basically me and my 3 other roommates won last year. Theres a whole point system where every thing you do you get a certain amount of points. We won a huge stein which we think was actually an urn, but we drank out of it anyway. SO this year we get to make the activity. We decided to do Beer Olympics this year, and we decided to one up the trophy.

Fine work, men. Click on the pic above for Today's Fix. 

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