Forget Shovels, This Dude Gets Piped In The Face With a Flying Razor Scooter During Fight


I don’t know what’s gotten into America’s youth, but WHAT THE FUCK?!? When I was a kid we used to just hit each other in the face with fists and the occasional, well-timed knee. This…this is madness. And really fucking stupid. Fighting might be a natural urge when you’re young and unappreciative of how fun it is to not have a mangled face, but throwing a scooter or a shovel — WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT —  at someone’s face could kill them.

[Disregard previous statement if death is your end game.]

To the kid’s benefit, though, he doesn’t have a glass jaw. Dude hit the deck, as one would when smoked in the face by a worthwhile flying object, but the fucker bounced right back up.


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[H/T Guyism]