Ready To Feel Poor? Real Estate Map Shows The World’s 12 Wealthiest Can Purchase The Entire Island Of Manhattan

by 2 years ago

Many people, myself included, can’t even afford to buy a house with Baby Boomers clogging up every aspect of the economy, from inflated real estate prices on homes they purchased as investments to lack of upward mobility in companies because the boomers aren’t retiring. But I’m not here to bitch about the baby boomers, I’m here to show you a map that illustrates how the world’s wealthiest 12 billionaires can afford to purchase the ENTIRE FUCKING ISLAND OF MANHATTAN by themselves, an island that’s home to 1.62 million residents and over 4 million daily workers…via PropertyShark:


We took the nation’s most expensive real estate market and sized it up against the world’s richest people. The result? Looks like however high Manhattan home prices climb, some people’s fortunes more than keep pace with them. So much so that just the first 12 richest entries on Forbes’ list could split up all of Manhattan’s residential stock between them, and still have a few cents left in their pockets.
And what about the outer-boroughs, you ask? Sprawling Queens would have a record low population density under this scenario, with just the top 3 billionaires – Gates, Ortega and Buffett – having enough zeroes between them to buy the entire borough, for a total value of $192.5B.

The disparity in wealth on display here is one gigantic son of a bitch. This is a city I struggled to pay rent in for 9 years and limped away from without any savings as an adult, and now I know it only takes 12 people to buy the entire fucking island when I was barely able to afford one tiny ass room with a kitchen and a bathroom….I feel like I’ve just been kicked in the balls by Zuckerberg.

…(h/t DIGG via PropertyShark)…

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