Girls Dress As Fuckboys For Halloween By Wearing Shirts With Actual Texts From Guys

by 2 years ago

Jessica Zharnest and Lexi Fragola had a Halloween costume that was original AF, they were fuckboys. As seen in The Tab, they got t-shirts printed with actual texts they received from guys. Some of the messages were desperate, some were cheesy pickup lines, some were bitter responses after being rejected. Even the classic and uninspired “Send me nudes” sad plea made the cut.

The students from the University of Connecticut had over 30 texts on their shirts. On the back of the shirts was the jersey numbers of athletes’ jersey numbers next to their respective texts.

“People didn’t really believe these were real messages and when we told them they were in shock,” Jessica told The Tab.

Here are the texts:

• “Just hope you know we’re fucking today.”
• “Do you think men and women are equal… ‘no have you seen my biceps.’”
• “It’s going to be an easy transition into the bedroom.”
• “We’re gonna fuck cause everyone else sucks.”
• “I’ve never had to work hard to get a girl.”
• “If you get a massage tonight, I get pussy.”
• “Tired as hell come massage me.”
• “Visit ya boy.”
• “Do you have a bed time?”
• “Real shit day. Sorry. Long Story. Sorry if I can’t maintain an investment at this time.”
• “Send nudes.”
• “Come chill.”
• “I am bad. I am a bad man.”
• “I never said you were a slut chillax.”
• “Hope you find someone better than me. I laugh cause there’s no way that’s possible. Goodbye. Your life was meaningless to me.”
• “I’ve been single for seven months so why haven’t we fucked?”
• “Hey can I have my shirt back?”
• “You’re weighing me down.”
• “I just fuck you when I’m bored”
• “I’m just trying to get with you.”
• “Would be better with you sitting on my face.”

Now I expect there to be a male version next Halloween that has a shirt with texts from stage 5 clinging girls.