People Shared Reasons Why They Had To Stop In The Middle Of Sex — See If Any Sound Familiar

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We’ve all been there, in the middle of having sex only to be interrupted or surprised by something that makes us have to stop.

And sure, it sucks, but something tells me that, while some of these stories from the folks over at Reddit will sound familiar, several, at least I hope, are a little less, uh, common.

Here we go…

I had a jealous cat.

Because we were ignoring it, it decided to pee on our clothes pile.

It then let out a bizarre, triumphant meow-groan after it did. “Behold, I can shatter your world.” — YourDailyDevil

Spider jumped from wall to bed, which made me notice it. I pulled out and pulled gf off bed in one motion. She said WTF and laughed at me for freaking out over just a spider. — PissfestMcgee

She farted while I was inside her, she was mortified but I thought it was hilarious and started laughing uncontrollably, but she didn’t pull away until I farted really loud while laughing. — Dafuzz

This happened to me a few months ago. Was going down on my girlfriend and after a few moments something tasted off. I pull my face away from her and think that I taste blood. Worst suspicion is that I have accidentally earned my Red Wings. Nope. I had gotten a nosebleed while going down on her. When she realized this she looked me dead in the eyes and said, “You fucking weeaboo.” We could not stop laughing. — Kokennin

She was on top, ran her fingers through my chest hair and said: “you’re hairy just like my dad.” — widsio

Did the ol bent dick, hurt like hell, lost boner. — killbillten1

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