Rednecks Duke It Out In The Most Pathetic Fight You’ll Watch But The Ending Makes It All Worth It

Sometimes you have to weed through the cow shit to get the magic mushrooms. This “fight” caused me to lose a significant number of brain cells and involuntarily buy a pair of JNCO jean shorts, but seeing these two mouth-breathers fall through a fence makes me believe that there is a God. That the world is balanced.

P.S. How redneck do you have to be to fight out of boredom? Like with your friends. I know these two dudes obviously don’t have jobs but Christ, watch some porn or huff some kitchen cleaner. When the best activity available is falling through a fence, it may be time to reexamine your life choices. And your outfit choices.

Matt Keohan Avatar
Matt’s love of writing was born during a sixth grade assembly when it was announced that his essay titled “Why Drugs Are Bad” had taken first prize in D.A.R.E.’s grade-wide contest. The anti-drug people gave him a $50 savings bond for his brave contribution to crime-fighting, and upon the bond’s maturity 10 years later, he used it to buy his very first bag of marijuana.