This Dude Has A Set Of Testicles For Removing A Soda Can From A Skunks Head

Moral hypothetical question: If you’re walking down the road and see a skunk struggling with a soda can on its head, what do you do? Do you go full St. Francis like this guy does and remove it OR do you think about getting sprayed or getting bit by a rabid animal that literally eats garbage and just move on with your life while it runs around the road?

80% of the time, you just walk away and let the skunk’s skunk friends deal with it. But this guy did the right thing and yanked this Coke can off this little guy’s head.

There’s no doubt that’s someone’s old dip can, right? No other reason to have a can with the top popped off like that. That skunk just spent it’s last couple hours licking a bunch of nasty Red Man juice.

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