Research Has Revealed The 7 Things That Make Your Penis ‘Attractive’ To Women, And Length Doesn’t Matter!

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I mean…having a pretty penis is better than having an ugly one, but does it really matter? By the time she’s got you down to your boxers and your dick is T-minus 2 seconds from getting whipped out it’s not like she’s gonna peep at it and be like “….oh. Nah I’m out” and dip. That’s not to say that could NEVER happen, but just that by that point you’ve gotta be really gutsy to stand up and say “Yeah, your dick kinda sucks. Bye.”

But if being rejected in the bedroom is your ultimate fear and you can’t stand even the thought of a girl making that “ewwww” face when she sees your dick, fear not! For researchers at the University of Zurich surveyed 105 women between the ages of 16-45 to rank the most attractive qualities when it comes to your Johnson. Via Metro,

Good news for the less well-endowed: length doesn’t necessarily make for a pretty willy, ranking near the bottom of the table.

However, men may want to invest time in grooming as the ladies surveyed said the appearance of pubic hair was the second most important factor.

1. General cosmetic appearance
2. Appearance of pubic hair
3. Girth and appearance of skin
4. Shape of glans (the tip)
5. Length
6. Appearance of scrotum
7. Position and shape of the meatus (the opening for urine)

According to researchers, the purpose of the study wasn’t to find out what makes a “pretty penis,” but to find out whether men with hypospadias, a medical condition where your pee-hole isn’t located at the tip of the penis, was something women considered unappealing in men. As a bonus, they also found that as women age they gradually give fewer and fewer fucks about what your dick looks like.

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