Insane Road Rage Fight Proves That The Guy With The Baseball Bat Doesn’t Always Win

Losing a fight with a baseball bat is like losing a boner with Viagra. Before today, I never thought it possible. If a 10-year-old piss ant came at me with a baseball bat, I’d drop to my knees crying and give him all my lunch money. But an enraged grown ass man yielding a Louisville Slugger is a sure death sentence. Unless you’re this beta male who couldn’t even take a swing and learned the hard way that the phrase ‘no swings, no hits’ could leave you sleeping in the bushes until the wolves get hungry. Honestly should have seen it coming, considering the man who got his ass handed to him was driving a turquoise car.

P.S. Dash cams, I’ll never understand their value outside of uploading crazy ass shit to Live Leak. Thank you, Russia.

[h/t Live Leak]