Road Rager Gets His Ass Handed to Him By Fed Up Driver

by 5 years ago

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 12.10.08 PM

This driver is a hero. How many times has some douche been driving like an idiot and you wish you had the chance to smack him around? When you’re in your car, it’s easy to act like a big shot. Once you’re outside of the car and face-to-face with some hulking dude, it’s another story.

This is why I can’t have road rage. I know I’d get my shit stomped in by the majority of other guys on the road. I’m content to stick with muttering curses to myself.

If you’re gonna act like a tough guy, you better be super confident that you can kick the other guy’s ass. I’d be willing to take on some teens, or maybe frail senior citizens, but especially in Russia, where this seems to have taken place, you gotta assume that everyone knows how to murder people with their bare fists.

Big respect to the road rager’s buddy who wants absolutely no part of this fight. Usually when you come upon your friend getting his face pounded, you feel like you need to jump in, but this guy’s just like “Thank you sir, we’ll be on our way.”

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