Robert Downey Jr. Wrote An Obituary For His Mom On Facebook, It Will Punch You Right In The Feels



We all have a mom. Along with death and taxes and America losing at the Ryder Cup every two years, that is a certainty of life. You may not spend an awful lot of time talking to your mom, or even know her, but she was still the person who brought you into this world.

If you’re lucky, your mom was a fantastic, caring, nurturing woman. She gave and gave and gave without ever asking for anything but your love in return. And maybe she’s not perfect. And maybe, now that you’re older, she tells you — completely unsolicited, I might add — about her trips to the grocery store, or the neighbor’s kids getting married, or people and things you generally don’t give a fuck about, but she’s your mom and, well, life would suck without her.

Robert Downey Jr. recently lost his mother and he took to Facebook to write about her life; to tell the world how much she meant to him and how she helped him escape the darkest times in his life. It’s quite the read. [Note: you need to click “See More” to read the entire thing.]

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