Guy Writes Hilarious ‘Rules of the House’ Letter to New Roommate (Sadly, It’s Probably Fake)

by 4 years ago


Roommates, as we saw yesterday, can be a real pain in the dick, even if they’re your best friends. The penile agony, however, can be even more apparent if you go into a living situation with a person you’ve never met before. Moving in with a stranger is practically Russian Roulette. Will they be cool? Will they be slobs? Will they murder you and then use the top of your skull as a cereal bowl? Not knowing is half the fun!

Below is a letter that was posted to Imgur by a person who supposedly just became roommates with a dude who isn’t shy about his appreciation of quality toilet paper or the frequency in which he jacks off. As you’ll see, though, at least he’s pretty courteous about it.



Is the letter fake? Oh, ya know, probably. But if it’s not, then the recipient of this letter should be in for a treat.

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