Presentation About Internet Security At School Goes Horribly Wrong When Pornhub History Is Displayed On Big Screen

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If you were giving a presentation on internet security and the people in charge of the presentation said they were going to hack your phone to show how easy it is for mobile phones to be hacked and broadcast it on a large screen to 200 high schoolers wouldn’t you think that you should maybe delete any and all evidence of you viewing porn on your phone? Makes sense right? That wasn’t the case for rugby star Jarryd Hayne.

The National Rugby League superstar was giving a demonstration about internet security at Robina State High School on Australia’s gold coast. The presentation was sponsored by Norton Security to show young people the dangers of having your personal data hacked. Well, I think they proved their point more than they could have ever imagined after this explicit gaffe.

The people from Norton hacked into Hayne’s phone and it showed a player from the Kansas City Chiefs. Then as they scrolled down more of the rugby player’s browser history showed up and it was Pornhub fuck flicks. As Hayne panicked, the high schoolers erupted into laughter over the lewd sex scenes.


Norton later released a statement saying the fucking images had come from an external device that had connected to the school’s network and not from Hayne’s browser history. Riiiiiight. If that is the case then that isn’t saying much about the security of Norton’s products.

Meanwhile, there are 200 kids that are going to be talking about the time they showed hardcore boning at every high school reunion for the next 50 years.


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