Russia Has Blocked Another Major Porn Site And Russians Are Buggin’ Out

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Comrade Putin has enacted a law that’s been in place since 2015 but hasn’t been enforced until recently and blocked another major porn website in Russia. This is the third major porn site to get the ban hammer from Vladimir in the past six months, thus proving that Comrade Putin’s heart is colder than the frozen tundra of Siberia.

The most recent porn website to be banned, Brazzers, has caused a nationwide meltdown by the people of Russia, with countless Russians flocking to social media to lament the lack of labias available for viewing on the Internet.

The move to ban Brazzers came late Monday night when Roskomnadzor, Russia’s executive body tasked with censoring and controlling all media in the country (including all electronic media), announced that Brazzers would no longer be accessible. Immediately after the announcement to ban another major porn site was released by Roskomnadzor mentions of Brazzers became the #1 ‘trend’ across all social media in Russia with tens of thousands of citizens complaining about the porn ban.

Firstly, Brazzers released a statement on Twitter regarding the Russian government’s stupid ass decision to block major porn sites:


“Will Roskomadzor recommend an alternative?” one user asked. “What are we to do now, watch Russian TV shows?” another bewildered user lamented. “They should call themselves Rospornnadzor,” a third chimed in.
According to digital news site TJournal, the court found the site’s content to have “a negative influence on the human psyche; [it] violates citizens’ rights and impacts the psychological development of children as well.”

If you think this could only happen in Russia and here in America the porn will always flow free like Lisa Ann squirting on set then you need to check your privilege. It wasn’t that long ago that a Utah lawmaker proposed legislation to have porn in America declared a ‘public health crisis‘ and try to move forward with a ban.

Russia only accounts for a minuscule 4% of Brazzers’ total traffic, so this isn’t exactly going to put a dent in the bottom line of Brazzers. In fact, I think they’re now in elite company since the ban because the other two major porn websites to be banned in were Pornhub and YouPorn. Both of those sites were banned in Russia on September 14th, 2016.

What is kind of sketchy, though, is YouPorn was unblocked in Russia on the same day that Brazzers was banned. So there could be some back door palm greasing going on here to corner the glorious porn market in Russia. This definitely fits the pattern of Russian politics exchanging favors and favoritism for friendly donors willing to shell out $$$, but I’m not willing to jump to any conclusions just yet.

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