Russian Guy Freaks Out When Friends Prank Him While He’s Using Oculus Rift

by 4 years ago


If you believed the headline, you’d conclude that I posted this video because a man was pranked while using an Oculus Rift. I’m going to go ahead and say that’s not completely accurate. Yes, he was pranked it was semi-funny, but I posted this video because of his friends’ hairstyles. Seriously, I did. You’ve got the blond dude with the Brian Knobbs from the NASTY BOYS haircut (remember them?) and then the other friend, well, his shit can only be described as a horse tail. It’s probably technically in the rat tail family of hairstyles, but this thing is a rat tail on roids. Quite honestly it’s the most magnificent thing I’ve seen since I woke up 14 minutes ago.

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