THWACK! Russian Women Take Turns Slapping The Snot Out Of Each Other

Some people settle their differences by vicious knockdown fights, others air out their grievances during Festivus, but these Russian women reconcile by slapping the shit out of each other.

Dashcam footage caught this painful… Wait. This isn’t dashcam footage? Oh. I saw Russia and just assumed so. Okay. This cellphone video shows these two women taking turns slapping each other. This is a slap battle for the ages and the echoes of the thwacks resonates around the entire room.

Fuck this noise. After one slap I’d be like, “Okay, you won, can we go get some blinis and vodka now?”

If you close your eyes and just listen to the video, it sounds like something much more pleasurable is going on.

It turns out that this isn’t a fight at all, they’re just attempting to sober up before they drive home after they had indulged in several vodka cocktails.