Sam Bradford Talks to BroBible About the Off-Season, Golf, and His Recently Tamed Flow

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BroBible: Sam, before we go anywhere in the interview I have to ask you what all our readers want to know: What is the latest with the 2011 season negotiations? What are you being told and what have you heard?

Sam Bradford: I mean I probably know just as much as everyone else in the world right now.  We are not being told anything. Other than what I hear on the news I really don't know anything at all.

Is it difficult for you to train not knowing when training camp might start, if it does start at all.

It really hasn't been difficult at all. I'm just handling it like a regular off-season. I'm working out like I would, keeping myself in shape, so when I'm back in St. Louis in the next few weeks I will be ready to go.

Would a shortened training camp effect you in anyway?

You know… I really don't know. I've only been through one training camp, which was obviously what I did last year. But if it is shortened, the work that we get in will have to be much more precise and to the point. But to be honest I really don't think it will come to that point.

What are your thoughts on an 18-game season?

Ummm… [laughs] no real thoughts. I really don't have a whole lot of say on that… If they tell us we're playing 18 games, we're playing 18 games. If they tell us we are playing 16 games, we're playing 16. I'll do whatever they ask me to.

Congratulations on winning NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, what an impressive accolade.

Thanks so much, man.

Obviously your performance throughout the season showed that you were the perfect candidate for this award. Were you surprised you won it? Who else do you feel was in contention?

There were a lot of other rookies who played well this year. Mike Williams played really well for Tampa; and a couple other guys like Jahvid Best from Detroit. You know I don't really pay attention to those unofficial awards. So when I got it it was cool, it's an honor, and it's humbling when you look at the list of guys who have won it. To join that group is an honor. I don't know if I was surprised because I didn't really pay any attention to it before it happened.

You have always had some pretty serious flow coming out of your helmet during the season. How do you tame that?

Well… the people at AXE Hair decided to tame it for me.

I understand that the flow is no more and you had a makeover for the off-season. Tell us about this new look.

Yeah, the hair, like you said, was a little out of control. So the people at AXE took a look at me and thought I really needed some help I guess. Thankfully they came to my rescue and hooked me up with their stylist in New York, who gave me the buzz look, which I love because it's easy, but at the same time it's a good look too. I really appreciate AXE working with me. What's great is they just came out with a new product — the AXE Buzzed Look Cream — which has SPF 15 in it. This is great because I'm always outside, playing golf, working out, throwing, and with this new haircut I need some protection for my scalp. AXE Hair gives me just what I need.

So what have you been up to since the season ended?

Oh man, really just hanging out. I'm back here in Norman right now just working out at OU. The weather here has been great, 65–70 degrees for the past couple of weeks. I usually get up early in the morning to get a workout in and then head to the golf course for the rest of the afternoon and play for the rest of the day. So my life has been pretty good as of late.

Let's go to this year's draft… Who do you think the best quarterback entering the draft is?

That's tough. I don't even know if I could give you an honest answer. I was so busy during my own season that it was really hard for me to watch the college games. I know there are some big names going into the draft, and I know they are getting ready for their pro days, combines, etc. right now. I don't know man, it will be interesting to see who goes first in this year's draft.

I understand from another interview you did that you and Blake Griffin played AAU basketball together. Was there ever a time you thought you might play basketball over football?

Yeah there really was. I was probably a freshmen/sophomore in high school and I was playing school ball and AAU at a fairly high level, and I really thought I was going to play basketball in college over football. I had talked to some schools who were sending me letters for basketball before they started sending them for football. There was absolutely a time I thought that basketball was going to be the road I went down.

Can you dunk like Griffin?

Haha. No. I don't know if there is anyone on the planet who can dunk like Blake. He throws it down. Seriously impressive.

Is golf something you are passionate about?

Yeah. I started hitting balls when I was around 4 or 5 with my grandfather taking me to play. It's something that I really enjoy. It's fun and it's a great way to compete against yourself.


I really don't keep a handicap, but during the summer if I had one it would be either scratch or 1. Yeah, I get the game going when the summer gets here.

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