Sand Flea Robot Can Jump an Impressive 30 Feet

by 7 years ago

Sure, your RC car can jump over a shoe box with the help of a ramp, but this wheeled robot can jump over 30 feet. The innovative engineering company Boston Dynamics creates robots like its land speed record-breaking robot called the “Cheetah,” and its RHex robot that can walk on various terrain. Their newest creation is called the “Sand Flea.” It has the chassis of an RC car, weighs 11 pounds, and can launch itself 30 feet. The Sand Flea doesn't just randomly leap into the air, it's accurate enough that it can jump through a window two stories up and do it 25 times per charge. These amazing robotic vehicles are partly funded by the U.S. Army's Rapid Equipping Force, which envision these robots helping soldiers in diverse and dangerous environments. 

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