This Is Sara X And She’s Pretty Upset This Boob Twerking Video Got 32 Million Views

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Sara X

Sara X Mills is kinda sad she’ll forever be known as the “Mozart Boob Twerk Girl.” Eh, people have been known for worse.

Sara X posted the video below of her twearking her amazing breasts to Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik and people reacted…well, the reaction was split.

Split as in “32 million people watched Sara X do her thing” and like “30 million people were assholes about it.”

Sara X is slightly upset about the whole situation. She’s upset because people can really, really be dicks. She’s been told to die, old high school classmates are coming out of the woodwork to bash her, and she’s getting just about all the comments one would expect for posting absolutely anything on the web. I’ve been told to drop dead just for a spelling error.

On the plus side, if Sara X put an ad on her video (and dear Christ I hope she did) she could make some serious bank according to this handy calculator. She could have pulled in anywhere from $64-$160,000 dollars depending on how much she got for the ad. That could buy a ton of “fuck you” bikini bottoms for her next video.

According to the interview she did with Vocativ: “Sara X Mills got millions of likes and thousands of negative comments, but she’d rather you concentrate on breast cancer than her… assets.” Sorry gorgeous, but as long as their are perverts in the world, that’s not going to happen. Here’s Sara X’s story about her and her breasts sudden fame and the aftermath.

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