Sassy 101-and 96-Year-Old Sisters Bicker With Each Other Just Like All Brothers And Sisters Do

by 3 years ago

I love, love, love this video. If you have a brother or a sister, it’s amazing. It’s exactly how you imagine yourself interacting with them when you’re in your senior years. It just a fact that people get better with age, much like the two sassy birds in this video. They fight and bicker with each other like little girls on the playground arguing over who is prettier and gets to take that dreamboat Gary Joseph to the Debutante Ball.

It’s kind of endearing to think that these 101-and 96-year-old gals have literally been doing this since Calvin Coolidge was in office. These two have seen more in their lifetime than anyone reading this blog post could ever imagine. Just think — Prohibition. The Great Depression. World war II. McCarthy-era Red Scares. But they still have each other.

I died laughing when the one sister said she didn’t have her hearing aide in and started yelling. “DON’T THEY MAKE YA SAAAAYD?!” So antagonizing! But that’s exactly what you do when you have siblings.

If you have a brother or a sister, this video is everything. May we all continue being pains in each others asses for decades and decades to come. Share it and send it them to show that you care, “ya dummy…”

Here’s another video of the same sisters from earlier this year:

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