SawyerSpeaks and BroBible Search for the Top Entrepreneurs 25 Years Old and Younger

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Twenty-five is a remarkable age for success during any economy, but none more remarkable than in the turmoil of the past couple of years in the U.S. In today’s business climate, many people are worried about finding and keeping a job, let alone launching their own company. Entrepreneurs will always find a way, however, and we want to find the Top Entrepreneurs 25 Years of Age or Younger. We're not searching for a set number of people to fill the slots. We're searching for people 25 years of age and younger doing cool things and being entrepreneurial in such a tough economic time for our country. I want this list to be meaningful, and I think you will appreciate the data gathered and shared through this contest.

Who Qualifies:
All entrepreneurs. Any industry. Based and operated in the United States. Twenty-five (25) years of age or younger. You do not have to run a “start-up” with 500 million users and a movie about its origins to make this list. This contest is about finding the coolest stories of people doing things on their own. We want to inspire and motivate other young people to get out there and chase their passion, whatever that may be.

Why Cap the Age at 25?
Well, frankly, because we think it is much harder to launch a business by the time you are 25 than say, 30. We see lists all the time that are Top 30 Under 30 or Top 40 Under 40, but 25 is a tough mark for a number of reasons:

1. A lot of people don’t graduate college until they are 22 or 23.
2. Graduate students go to school again for a reason, and they usually get out in their late 20s.
3. A lot of people fail multiple times before succeeding, and I think 25 is a very young business age to be running a company.
4. People that launch successful businesses in high school or in their dorm room need to be recognized, and these people may get overlooked in Top 30 Under 30-type contests because other applicants have many more years of experience in the game.

How to Submit an Entry:
We have created an eight-question survey on to pre-screen applicants. As the contest rolls along, we will make cuts and will then send out another round of more-thorough interview questions.

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