100% Pure Nightmare Fuel: 12 Of The Scariest Things People Have Seen On The Internet

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scariest things people seen internet


The internet can be a very frightening place, this we know, but these tales of the scariest things people have seen on it are just awful.

When Redditors were asked to share the scariest things they’ve seen on the internet I knew some of the answers would be bad, I just didn’t realize how bad.

Just goes to show you that that next click you make might be something you will never forget for the rest of your life.

Here are some of the most disturbing stories they shared…

A guy was talking about how he killed someone on 4chan and said he would give the location of the body if they guessed their post number. ~ samuraistrikemike

One that I will never forget is this video of a guy who dives into the sea, and as he jumps he first hits the pavement with is face only then getting into the water. People started screaming as he failed the dive and minutes later the sea turned completely red from the blood. But wait, it gets worse.

He is recovered from the sea and taken to the hospital. We then see his face completely severed in half, and the doctors are trying to put his face back together, while he is still breathing. We can literally see everything inside his face. I’ve watched a lot of shit, but this one stuck with me. I kept remembering this video for weeks. ~ D5R

The infamous “brick video“. I still think of it every time I’m behind a truck or anything like that. ~ PangurBanHammer

The 911 call from the guy in the WTC during 9/11 right before the plane hit is like this. That and the brick video made me shed tears, man. ~ OrnsteinSolaireChild

The scariest is something that I experienced. Before facebook ever existed I used to chat with a ton of people in chatrooms and such. Most of them were (according to them) pre-teen and teenagers like myself who were simply lonely.

Six years later I’m in my mid-teens and facebook is thing. Not thinking I sign up for an account using the same email from my chat days, where I’d kept touch with some of those people for a time.

Over half of the results when it used my email to find friends were middle aged men. I stopped using the internet to talk to people after that. ~ Coffeezilla

The Junko Furuta murder is really really really NSFL. Though it’s just text it fucked me up more than many graphic videos. Makes you wonder how humans can be so fucking cruel. ~ EduardLaser

The gauntlet: the top 50 hardest to watch videos on the Internet. If you can make it through all of them, you truly have no soul. ~ Chaotichazard

Made the mistake of watching a drug cartel video of a beheading with a chainsaw… Yeah… Too much… ~ ctb0001

I saw a video called, at the time, Unknown Russian Soldier in the late nineties I think. it was my first real encounter with true gore and it shocked me to the core.

it shows a man lying in some gravel with a boot firmly planted on the right side of his shaved head, pinning him down. his throat is then sawn out with all of the accompanying sounds you’d imagine. he bleeds out.

I guess I knew that people were bad sometimes but seeing that brought the human condition to light for me in a way that truly frightened and horrified me. I’m fairly certain that it cauterized something in my mind because now gore doesn’t bother me too much. supernatural and scary stories pale in comparison to the realization I had when I saw that video. Seeing what people are capable of doing to other people is the thing that bothers me more than any other. ~ 39thversion

The Bjork stalker’s video diary. Ricardo Lopez records his effort to kill the pop singer with a mail bomb. It is chilling to witness his rapid separation from reality which ends with his on camera suicide after mailing off the bomb.

There is an edited down version, but all 20 videos are on LiveLeak. ~ ZigguratofDoom

A man bathing in shit and semen. Don`t watch it, you will regret it. ~ hunter141414

Some person with larvae where his teeth used to be, such as living, moving, multiplying hatchlings. ~ shuvray3

Okay then, I think we’re done here. If you want to read the rest of the scary tales of the internet do feel free to head on over to Reddit.

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