School Bully Starts A Fight That He Can’t Quite Finish

by 4 years ago

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Back in my day, bullies were the biggest kids in the grade. They were usually fat, and they bullied smaller kids as a way to make themselves feel better because of their fat-induced low self-esteem. You’ve all seen movies. But bullies these days seem to be getting skinnier and skinnier, and us good guys have been given a chance to put them in their place.

For example, there’s this kid. Minding his own business, just trying to get his learn on. Probably getting ready to dissect a frog or something. Then this punk gets in his face and squares up. Minimal words are uttered before fists are thrown. If you’re gonna throw the first punch, you have a sizable advantage, and you better capitalize. This bully… does not.

Our hero jumps up and rocks him a bunch of times, surely making the bully wish he had just taken his aggression out on his defenseless frog. I love kids turning the tables on bullies videos. They’re feel good fight videos. If saying that watching children getting their face bashed in warms my heart makes me wrong then I don’t want to be right.

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