Scott Disick Paid ‘Five Figures’ For Showing Up To A Club For An Hour, Getting Drunk, Then Pissing People Off

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The Lord does what the Lord wants. This past Saturday Scott Disick took some time out of his busy schedule of being rich for no particular reason to visit the Time Supper Club in Montreal, Canada. The club was hosting a charity event during the Canadian Grand Prix Opening Weekend. Well, sort of a charity event. People paid $250 a head to party with Disick, with the club itself giving money to the ONEXONE $1 Feed a Child Campaign. Disick, however, got paid “five figures” to show up, get wasted with his boys, and NOT do the meet and greet that the people who paid $250 were promised. WTH, Scott?

Via The Daily Mail:

Marketing Director for the nightclub Thierry Havitov told the Daily Mail Scott, 32, who was given a five figure sum for his appearance, didn’t turn up until gone midnight.

‘He was late. He stayed for about an hour.’

Scott was belligerent and refused to do the meet and greet, which meant organisers had to give all the money back.

‘It was a complete disaster.’

According to onlookers who branded him ‘a drunken mess’, he went straight to the VIP section and began drinking with his entourage.

The source added they saw him downing shots and champagne, and then kept moving from place to place around the venue.

Thierry confirmed Scott had to be taken to a number of different areas because the venue was so crowded, and they couldn’t get a clear area to carry out the meet and greet properly.

An hour of “work” that consists of getting drunk with your buddies sounds like the best paycheck int he world. I think Scott’s a boss and all, but all I can think about is how that money probably should have gone to that charity to feed some hungry kids. Seems like a pretty prick move to fuck them over like that.

Then again, who am I to second guess The Lord?

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