Scottish Brewery Creates World’s Strongest Beer—Guess What Its ABV Is?

by 6 years ago

But I do think I can speak with enough authority to say that whatever the Scottish brewery Brewmeister is doing… it's not making beer. I'm not sure what this abomination, called the “Armageddon,” is. It is a 65% ABV beer. This is comparable with Everclear:

Despite being 65%, this beer has lots of flavour. It’s slightly sweet, hoppy, malty and retains much of the yeast present during fermentation.

Bottles are conditioned but we recommend people drink this in 35ml measures. So drink with friends to save it going flat.

Be careful though, smelling it is probably enough to put you over the drink-drive limit!


How do they make this hideous take on our precious favorite beverage? Guyism's Kevin McCallister points to the process of “freeze fermenting” in which “you drastically lower the temperature and repeatedly remove the first part to freeze, leaving behind only the richest alcohol content.”

Those bastards. That is not how beer is made. Beer is made by magical elves going to a faraway land, dipping viking horns into the great Beer River, and delivering it to grateful humans by their own sorcery. This? This is the beer equivalent of pumping chickens and cows full of steroids and growth hormones. It's unnatural. And wrong.

(Just kidding. I kind of want to try “Armageddon.”)

H/T: Guyism

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