‘Scroguard’ Is A Ridiculous Latex Thong For Men Who Are Worried That A Condom Isn’t Enough Protection


Behold. The Scroguard, a latex thong that protects the rest of your junk and crotch area from all the poisonous sex juices your partner is secreting. Take it in. Take it ALL in.

As utterly ridiculous as this product is — and IT IS — it’s fucking brilliant for guys who only want one-night stands. Because when you strap on the Scroguard, you’ve all but guaranteed that there is never going to be second time. Provided that, by some act of God, you didn’t take home the one girl in the bar who refuses to blow dudes unless they wear a condom. #DontWantThatOralHerp

Check out the Scroguard in all it’s glory below in a kinda/sorta graphic animated video. And maybe buy one at Scroguard.com

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