Check Out This Married Scumbag Who Was Bagged For Squirting His Jizz On Women Shoppers At Walmart

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How deranged are you on a scale of 1 to ‘squirting female shoppers at Walmart with your schlong juice?’ Well, if you were to ask Tim Blake, a 28-year-old West Virginia man, he’d have to choose the latter. The sicko was arrested after creeping up behind shoppers and using a syringe to transport his trouser gravy on their buttocks. For those unfamiliar, ‘buttocks’ is a term my grandmother uses to refer to a badonkadonk.

Per the Smoking Gun,

In early-November, a Walmart shopper told police that a “creepy” man lingered near her in the store’s makeup aisle. After the man passed behind her, the shopper “felt something wet on her foot and lower back.” The woman then went to the bathroom “and tried to wipe the material off her but it was sticky.”

On December 28, another woman told police that “some substance” had been “thrown or sprayed on her” while she was shopping at the same Walmart in Marietta, a city across the Ohio River from West Virginia. A review of store surveillance footage revealed that the suspect in last week’s incident was identical to the “creepy” man spotted in November.

After identifying the man’s truck, police moved in on Blake at Wings Etc. restaurant as he sat down to dinner WITH HIS WIFE. “Hey, we just need to question your husband about dumping his jizz on complete strangers, should be back in a second. I recommend the garlic Parmesan wings here, truly delectable.” Blake reportedly tried telling officers that the substance was egg yolk, but they informed him and his wife that they had it tested and it was, in fact, his baby batter that he was squirting on the bums of women.

Blake said he chose the victim in the early-November incident because he “thought she displayed exhibitionist characteristics and wanted to be noticed” and that “maybe it was his way of having sex with these women and that was what he thought of when committing these acts.”

Timothy Blake was charged on December 30 with “pandering obscenity, sexual imposition and two counts of menace by stalking.”

How do you bounce back from that? Short answer: Never. Throw this low-life behind bars and throw away the key.

[h/t Smoking Gun]

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