This Girl Hid A Secret Message In Her Tinder Bio And Something About It Tells Me She Likes Anal

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Who doesn’t like secret messages? It’s like playing “hide and go seek” for adults, except you’re playing by yourself which is great because then the other people can’t dip in the middle of the game without saying anything, leaving you to sit in a dark closet by yourself for 45 minutes until you realize that your friends are actually assholes and that you should probably go home. Or maybe that’s just me.

In any case, can you find the secret message this girl left in her Tinder bio? I hope you can. It’s not very hard. Matt Keohan couldn’t find it but that’s really not saying much.



If you need help here’s a hint: read the first word of every sentence. Still not getting it? Fine, it says “I DO BUTT STUFF. SERIOUSLY. PUT THINGS INSIDE MY ASSHOLE.” Happy now? Way to take all the fun out of adult hide and go seek.

[H/T Reddit]


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