Hard-Ass Security Guard Gets Nuts On Bachelorette Party In New Orleans

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I’ve been to an alarming number of bachelor parties in my day and I can say with 100% certainty that bachelor parties are definitely wilder and more exciting on average, but only those few, rare bachelorette parties can turn an evening to 11 REAL quick. And I’m not talking about all of Facebook trolling your party’s event page or Matt Stafford’s wife bringing her bachelorette party bikini game.

For example, when one of the girls from this bachelorette party on Bourbon Street in New Orleans refuses to leave the bar she’s been kicked out of and tries to escape the crazy strong grip of a large security guard then one of her friends comes out of left field with a cross to the guard’s face? That’s when shit gets hype.

Here’s the original footage from someone’s cell phone without audio…

We’ve all been there. You’re fourth dimension drunk and you strongly feel like you don’t deserve the ejection. Most offenders in this situation have a moment of clarity when the guard clamps on your arm and begrudgingly allow the escort out of the venue to go down. Some ejectees might show a little more resistance, but this feisty female is simply not having it.

The bride-to-be attempts to calmly intervene only to be pushed away and eventually cold-cocked in the kisser after her friend furiously flies in with a sneak attack.

Yes, the guard was a little aggro on the original gal he’s subduing, so his over-the-top reaction is to be somewhat – to a very small degree – expected when getting bum-rushed. However, ‘roids much? The red he saw had to have subsided just enough for him to realize he’s not only obliterated a woman less than half his size, but that a terrified bride wasn’t a threat?

Here’s the follow-up story featuring interviews with the bachelorette party and a security expert explaining what went wrong (pretty much everything)…

I wonder how the future groom’s bachelor party went.

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