A Man Is Using a Sex Doll As A Model To Sell His Used Car On Ebay

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We post quite a few off-the-wall Craigslist or eBay ads on here, but this is a first. Angus Dean, 47, from East Grinstead, Sussex, attempted to sell his beat up, shitbox of a Volkswagon Golf on eBay and he did so in the most unexpected way possible: by employing a sex doll named Sandy as a model to better present the car. However, Dean claims Sandy isn’t his concubine, he borrowed her “from a friend.” Sure, sure.

This isn’t the first time Dean has used this sex dolls sell things strategy. He used Sandy on a riding mower previous and he told the Daily Mail it sold quickly.

Mr Dean, an estate manager, said: ‘I thought it was a great idea and I’ve had people ringing up about it.

‘We did the same with a ride-on mower, and it sold straight away.

‘The car needs a bit of work to get it back on the road, but it’s a future classic. Hopefully the doll will help sell it.’

The doll’s owner, a married father-of-three who asked not to be named, said he uses the doll for professional purposes because they come ‘without the fuss’ of the real model.

He said: ‘I’ve asked models if they would pose for eBay adverts before and most aren’t interested in it. 

‘Poseable mannequins are ready, and do what you need them to do. You don’t get the fuss you might get with models.

A lot of truth in those words…

Sadly, the ad has since been removed from eBay, but the listing lives on through these images.




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