Some Saint Rounded Up Stories About What Sex is Like On Every Drug


Well isn’t this thoughtful? It’s selfless acts, like making a one-stop reference guide to having sex on just about every drug, that makes this country so great. Good on you, folks at Nerve. Because of your work, I now know sex on heroin might one hell of a ravenous time. It’s just too bad I’d HAVE TO DO HEROIN to experience it.

Here are two of the experiences Nerve brought to the table.


“Of course, it’s pretty much common for most people to lose desire for sex when using, but for myself, I find it quite the opposite. After feeling the warm rush overtake me, I’m all over my boyfriend like a cat in heat. Even if I’m nodding I still get sexy feelings despite being pretty much immobile, skin on skin contact is very intense. I even am able to have pretty intense orgasms as well. I find sex on dope very much similar to the soft skin feeling of MDMA. My boyfriend also enjoys being intimate while high if he is able to have an erection, although he does not feel as horny as I do when we dose together.” (But please, do not do heroin guys. Seriously).


“In a way, our lack of successful penetration points to the real nature of sex on acid. If you’re willing to make a distinction between the sexual and the sensual (though they often overlap), my sexual side was hard to access, and I was less entranced sensually while inside her than I was while dictating her experience with my lips and fingers.”

For the rest of the drugs (sadly, crystal meth was not included), head over to Nerve

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