6 Sex Positions Everyone Needs to Try, According to Adult Film Star Tasha Reign

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It’s no secret I have a decent amount of sex… probably not as much as you imagine, but enough that I can tell you my favorite positions and the ones you should try. In porn we have some specific titles to positions we often reference when transitioning in a sex scene, not all of which you want to do in your personal life.  Here are some I love!

Pussy Licking.  It’s my personal favorite! People like to tell me it’s merely foreplay, but it’s totally the way I orgasm most often. So you need to master this art and make your girl beg for the cock. I can’t stand it when guys go down on me and do not take enough time to get me off

Reverse Missionary. This is not truly missionary or cowgirl, but a happy combination where your girl’s clit will rub up against your cock and you will be super deep. It’s a very intimate position with the ability to stare her in the eyes. She in turn has the ability to take control, since she is on top of you, flat against your stomach.

Pile Driver Face Down. Some may think this is an oddball choice, but it’s pretty sweet if your girl is down for some kinky positioning.  This is where you stand in a squatting position over her and some guys put their foot on the back or ass to be a little more aggressive.  REMEMBER CONSENSUAL SEX ONLY.

Bathroom Mirror Doggy Style. This position is the only choice for a voyeuristic self-watching experience. You can watch her as she watches you in the mirror going hard. Added bonus: there is no need to watch couples porn when you are the stars of your own sex show in the mirror getting crazy!

Lazy Dog. This is my absolute best hardcore position because I can get railed from behind, while I’m face down with my Hitachi (vibrator) on my clit!  It is like doggy style, but the girl is on her tummy, and she does not have to do all the work.  It’s easy for me, I can just relax, and you can get as deep as you want…

My secret UNSAFE-sex position favorite has to be Jacuzzi Sex. You can have scissor sex and have your girl spread her legs in a way where one of them is over your shoulder and the other leg is floating in the water.  Risks involved are yeast infections or the water not being healthy for your girl’s vagina.  Plus you need a hot tub somewhere private (or not… whatever you’re into), so that could be an obstacle.  Regardless of these downsides, be a rebel, do it once at least… or twice…

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Tasha Reign

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