According To A Survey Of 1200 Women, Here Are The Sex Positions They Hate The Most

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Awhile back we shared what women believed to be the best sex positions. And these weren’t just any women, these were porn stars so you know there’s no way they could be wrong.

But what about the flipside? What sex positions do women HATE the most? That seems like it could be important knowledge to have in your back pocket, right?

Well, according to 1,200 Women’s Health readers surveyed by the folks over at Men’s Health, we now have this knowledge.

Here’s what they discovered…

Number 5. 69

As for why? “Women say it’s too difficult to focus on receiving pleasure when they have to concentrate on giving it.”

Turns out they’d rather be face-to-face with you so they can “feel a connection.” Pfft, okay, whatever, we can do that, right? Easy peasy.

Number 4. Missionary

Wait, I thought we just read that they want to be face-to-face? Freakin’ women, always confusing us.

So why don’t they like this sex position? Because it “doesn’t hit the right spots.” Oh, and if your peen is on the small side that also makes a less-than-ideal way to bring her ultimate pleasure.

Number 3. Reverse Cowgirl

This one I get. With this one there always the chance that, as a dude, you can break your dick.

But why doesn’t SHE like it? Well, again it comes down to the angle and the fact that you may not be hitting the right spots here since, you know, everything is in reverse. Dicks don’t really bend that way, you know?

Number 2. Woman on Top

This is a bit of a surprise to me, got to admit, but it turns out that despite that whole wanting to be face-to-face thing we already mentioned women become self-conscious when they’re on top because, you know, you’re eyeballing every inch of her.

We really can’t win here, can we?

Okay on to…

Number 1. Doggy Style

Okay, so why is this one bad now?! Women say that it’s (1) painful, (2) she has a harder time staying lubricated, and here we go again, (3) it’s “not intimate enough.”

So, there you go. Good luck out there. It sounds like you’re freaking going to need it trying to put together this freaking puzzle.

Of course, there was a lot more detail over at Men’s Health than I gave you here so feel free to check it out. Heck, you might even learn something.

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