These 5 Sex Positions Will Help You Last Longer In Bed, According To A Sex Doctor

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Let’s face it: Every guy wants to be a satisfying sex partner, but not every guy can “run the entire marathon” when it’s show time. When you finish too early, it can make your partner feel unhappy and make you feel inadequate. That’s a bad situation all around!

Luckily, there’s a solution for sprint runners looking to become endurance champs. We asked our friends at the Between Us Clinic—which provides an online treatment program for men experiencing premature ejaculation—about whether there was something men could do to last longer in bed. Their answer? Try some new positions!

How positions can make a difference

There are sexual positions that can help to delay ejaculation until you and your partner are both ready. Some of these helpful positions rely on reducing stimulation to the ultra-sensitive underside of the penis, while other positions are focused on reducing speed and force of thrust, enabling a slower and more satisfying sexual experience for both partners. Most men are more aroused in a position in which the man is on top of the woman in a more dominant role. However, when you are in a more passive role, you can pay greater attention to the sensations from the stimulation which is an important part of controlling ejaculation.

Muscle tension in the legs and pelvic region can also lead to greater chances of orgasm, and exerting control over these factors can help you to delay ejaculation and ensure that you and your partner enjoy the experience to its fullest.


First position: “Side-by-side”

How to do it

One partner lies on their left side, one on their right, so that both partners are face-to-face. The woman parts her legs, draping one over the backside of the man so that he can penetrate her. This allows both partners to have some control over the movement and stimulation.

How it helps

Although both partners have an equally active, yet equally passive role when using this position, the position places a natural limit on the amount of forceful and deeply penetrative thrusting that is possible. This allows the man to focus more of his attention on the sensations he is experiencing in a slightly passive role, and it also helps to control the level of muscle tension in the man’s legs and pelvic area.


Second position: “Cowgirl”

How to do it

In this position, the man lies flat on his back on the bed, floor, or couch while the woman straddles him as if she is riding a horse like a “cowgirl.” She controls the penetration almost entirely in this position, while the man remains relatively passive.

How it helps

Because the woman is on top and controlling the action, the urge to use forceful, fast thrusts to penetrate more deeply can be kept in check. By leaving the control over the penetration up to her, there is a better chance of lasting longer and allowing her to find satisfaction by moving the way she likes.


Third position: “Missionary”—with a twist

How to do it

While the woman lies on her back with her legs apart, the man faces her while on his knees and, without penetrating her, rubs his penis against the woman’s vulva and clitoris (that’s the twist).

How it helps

By deliberately shifting stimulation to the top side of the penis and avoiding actual penetration, the man can avoid overstimulation of the most sensitive area of his penis. Also, the stimulation to the woman’s outer genitals can enhance her sexual experience, so everyone can enjoy the sensations that much more, and for that much longer.


Fourth position: “Spooning”

How to do it

The man lies down on the bed or floor on his side, then snuggles up against his partner’s backside until their bodies are nestled together like spoons. The woman can then lift her leg slightly to allow the man to penetrate her from behind.

How it helps

This position keeps the depth of sexual penetration under control, and also reduces the amount of movement that is possible during intercourse. Because it is nearly impossible to thrust deeply and forcefully while spooning, it’s possible to have a longer-lasting, more satisfying sexual experience in this position.


Fourth position: “Both seated”

How to do it

In this position, the man sits on the bed or floor while the woman sits in his lap, facing him, with her legs curled around his back for support and balance. This is another position in which the woman plays the larger role in controlling the action.

How it helps

This position is helpful with delaying climax, in part, because it’s somewhat awkward. It’s not easy to thrust fast or hard while seated, and this allows the man to last longer before ejaculating. This position lends itself well to slow, partner-focused sex rather than feisty, fast sex.


A final word on delaying climax

By being in touch with your body and knowing where the most nerve endings are (and thus, which areas are most sensitive), you can get creative with sexual positions and last longer in bed. Try using fewer positions that stimulate the tender underside of the penis or that result in opportunities for ultra-deep, forceful penetration. Instead, try positions that call for slower movements and more sensation focused on the top side of the penis, as well as those that allow for more relaxation of the pelvic muscles and the muscles in the legs. These more passive, less dominant positions allow for you to focus on the feelings and draw out your sexual experience. You’ll last longer, and your partner will probably experience more satisfaction than ever before.

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