Sex Workers Explain In Graphic Detail That It’s Hard Work Staying In Good Enough Shape To Screw All The Time

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It’s not easy keeping up a banging body. In this case, it’s LITERALLY a banging body because I’m talking about sex workers. Prostitutes to those in the crowd who are a bit uncouth. The ladies refer to themselves as courtesans. They’ll always be hookers to me.

Anyway, there’s a certain amount of physical fitness involved with being a person paid to bang. And I’m not just talking about how the ladies have to look good or nobody is going to want to bang them I’m talking about the fact that a person has to be in peak condition to fuck all day. AND HOW!

Sheri’s Ranch, home of the hottest courtesans this side of the Vegas strip, posted an interesting (and kind of hot) interview with a few women who count on their body to make a living. Here’s some of the more interesting snippets.

When a young 20-something guy or an older gentleman that just took a special blue pill wants to basically have a sex marathon, I have to be ready for the unexpected. I can’t really ‘tap out’ or just lay there (unless it’s a necrophilia fetish). Whether it be “suffocation” from my thighs, administering or receiving a single tail whipping or flogging, bending and stretching for certain positions, or even just holding the ‘girl on top’ position for more than 20 seconds. I need to be in the best physical health that I can be to make sure I am able to fulfill all of my client’s fantasies.

They have so many different names for things. They call not moving during sex “tapping out” when I’ve always known it to be called “being in a relationship.”

Then there’s the obvious; being a sex worker can be a highly physical job. Imagine the bodily demands of a multi-hour session with various different and challenging positions, or a hard-core BDSM session where physical and psychological strength and endurance are a must.

Well I wasn’t imagining it before but goddamn it if I’m not imagining it now!

For more workout tips for banging the night away — or at least preparing for it — check out the complete interviews.

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